Chained & Able is a unisex jewellery brand from England, founded in 2009 by Henry Goodfellow. Inspired as a child by his grandmother’s personal collections and in search of a creative outlet in his teenage years, Henry created Chained & Able.

Designed and manufactured in Italy and England, Chained & Able works closely with its extended family to produce the highest quality pieces, using ethical practices and sustainable materials wherever possible.

We are currently exploring ways to integrate recycled silver and gold into future collections.






Henry’s fascination with jewellery began at five years old, ignited during visits to his grandmothers, where he would become mesmerised by her collections and capacity to recite their origins.

In his teenage years Henry would work an apprenticeship in civil and structural engineering, he began to crave a creative outlet and way to express himself.

Sourcing old chains, coins, clasps and precious metals from car boot sales around the North East of England. He would use these materials to hand craft bespoke necklaces and bracelets in his family garage at the age of sixteen.

One of his pieces would end up in the hands of Andrew Hayton, the owner of a retail store in Newcastle called ‘UCC’. Andrew would reach out to Henry and propose stocking his pieces exclusively in store.

This marked a pivotal moment in Henrys journey, which led him to create his first collection under Chained & Able in 2009.







Chained & Able has always been a family effort. Comprised of a tight knit team of three, Mam and Dad included and have been part of the journey since day one.

Collaborating with highly skilled craftsmen and women throughout the UK is at the cornerstone of what we do.

Having personal working relationships with our manufacturers allows us to source the finest metals and stones as ethically as possible and produce jewellery of the highest quality.

Raw materials are sourced from Italy, each piece is designed and developed in London, before being hand-crafted in Birmingham.

Championing traditional techniques such as etching, casting and drop forging, some of which have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Chained & Able’s purpose is to produce timeless pieces of unquestionable quality.



Humbled and inspired by the support of it’s community over the years, Chained & Able is committed to working with like-minded individuals who want to push the envelope.